You do not have to be artistic to create stunning floral designs. At The Flower School, I teach you in a straightforward and relaxed way that really does lead to success. Once we have taught you the techniques, we encourage you to adapt the designs and develop your own style.

I opened The Flower School over 10 years ago and have enjoyed every minute, students walk in convinced they can’t arrange anything and then to see the delight on a student’s face at the end of the evening as they leave with a beautiful arrangement they have just made is wonderful.

Being able to arrange flowers properly has many benefits. It maximises the life and beauty of the flowers and is also a tremendously rewarding hobby – or indeed career – that brings hours of pleasure. As students walk into the calm of the school, their shoulders visibly relax and many have said that the course should be available on the NHS as it is so relaxing, calming and the stresses of the day just disappear


I look forward to welcoming you to the school – and sharing my love of floral design.